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Offroad Rehab / Jeeper Jim / Jeeper Jane

I have loved Jeeps since I was a kid. I love how easy they are to work on. It’s the only vehicle that I’ve owned that if your broken down on the side of the road, you still have a smile on your face. Its not just a vehicle, it’s a whole lifestyle. “It’s a jeep thing.” My first Jeep was an 83’ CJ7 and I bought it when I was 16 from an older friend/co worker named Eric. I don’t even know the number of Jeeps that I have owned. Over 50 for sure, if not closer to 100. I have recently reduced the number of jeeps I own due to lack of parking. I currently have seven jeeps: CJ, LJ, TJ, JKU, JK, ZJ, YJ.

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